About Bodine Perry

About Bodine Perry

Bodine Perry was founded in 2002 by Matthew Bodine and Daniel Perry. Today, the firm employs just over 100 professionals and serves more than 10,000 clients through five offices in Ohio and Florida. Bodine Perry is committed to providing the highest quality accounting, auditing, tax, and management advisory services to corporate and individual clients. In 2019, Bodine Perry acquired two CPA firms in Florida, further expanding and diversifying their presence in the south. The firm has had an office in Naples for nearly five years.


In January 2020, three new partners were added to the firm and several additional team members received well-deserved promotions. Paul Fullerman, CPA/ABV, CVA (Columbus, Ohio), Dyam Sanchez, CPA, (Naples, Florida), and Justin Yost, CPA, CVA (Canfield, Ohio) joined the partner group. This growing organization has also realized the need to add key support functions to the team. David Pecchia, CPA, Controller, and Laura VanNess, Director of Marketing, were both added to the Bodine Perry family in 2019 to support all offices.


Bodine Perry has recently made a substantial investment in a central cloud-based server to support all offices as well as continuously upgrading innovative industry-leading software programs. This investment in new technology is designed to provide added convenience to clients, increase firm efficiency, and as a result, finish up the process of becoming a paperless firm.


Bodine Perry makes a concerted effort to recruit and retain top talent in the accounting industry through great opportunities, team member development, and career growth strategies. “It is important to offer competitive advantages to make working in public accounting desirable,” comments Canfield Partner-In-Charge Bruce Flyak, CPA, CFE. “We pride ourselves on being flexible, encouraging a strong work-life balance, keeping the workplace fun, and continually reinvesting in our staff. We have recently adjusted several of our incentive programs to recognize and reward dedicated team members in new ways. We are here for the long-term and are looking for people to join our team who are long-term as well.”


The 2020 for Bodine Perry is strong. The partner group is committed to the development of their team members, the evolution of the firm, and the satisfaction of their clients.

Structured For Success

We are committed to the success of our clients, our team, and the communities in which we serve.


The dedicated team at Bodine Perry assists clients in reaching their financial goals. Our CPAs and office staff make it easy for you.


Our extensive experience in these highly competitive business sectors gives you the edge over your competition.

Why Bodine Perry?


At Bodine Perry, we don’t just carry out the requirements of preparing your taxes or maintaining your books. We dig deep into your financial situation to offer solutions for improving your financial position in both your personal and business lives.


Matt Bodine, Dan Perry and other key team members of Bodine Perry are successful business owners themselves with experience in many different industries. Therefore, they know first-hand the challenges of running a business and how the effects of your financial decisions impact your bottom line. You could say they have “been there done that,” and offer you advice based on experience, knowledge and a track record of success.


Bodine Perry is a proud member of AG AdvantEdge, a division of Allinial Global focused on the growth of early stage and entrepreneurial firms. Allinial Global is the third largest accounting association in the world, connecting AG AdvantEdge members to 22,319 professionals and 538 offices in 66 countries worldwide.

AG AdvantEdge provides our firm with a comprehensive suite of resources, including technical training and support, networking opportunities, and world-class leadership training. More importantly, it connects members to a like-minded peer group where they can share best practices, exchange technical expertise, and seek management support for continuous improvement.

As a client of Bodine Perry, an AG AdvantEdge firm, you benefit by having the best of both worlds: the hands-on, personalized service of a local firm and the depth and breadth of services available through global firm. Our goal is to be the most proactive, responsive business advisor for you, both locally and globally.



We are committed to the success of our clients. We offer the highest quality accounting, auditing, tax, and management advisory solutions with integrity and accountability. We are thorough, yet practical, as well as organized, innovative, and efficient.

We are committed to the success of our team. We attract and retain top talent by fostering an inclusive work environment, nurturing professional growth, and encouraging work life balance. We are focused, forward-thinking, supportive, and flexible.

We are committed to the success of the communities in which we serve. We are your neighbors and your friends. We believe in partnerships, the value of education, supporting those in need, and reinvesting in our youth. Our future depends on it.

We are Bodine Perry.


Every industry comes with a unique set of accounting challenges. Bodine Perry’s team of experienced CPAs and business advisers are equipped to help you tackle these issues so your business can thrive.

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As the owner of a construction company you face a unique set of accounting and tax challenges, which if not properly managed, can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and potentially lead to insolvency.  Challenges so unique, in fact, that the IRS tax code has a separate section specific for this industry.  Bids, contracts, subcontractors, draws, progress billing and job costing must be carefully planned and managed in order for jobs to run smoothly, your customers to be satisfied, and your company to prosper. A specific critical accounting issue is for the company to have a reliable understanding of costs properly allocated between job related and overhead costs.  Errors in such accounting can easily result in bidding errors and contract losses especially since contractors often face stiff competition and tight job margins.  Contracting firms must also have aggressive cash management and reliable financing and bonding programs. Bodine Perry puts easy step-by-step systems in place so your construction business can capture revenue, reduce costs, and keep your clients delighted.

Owning a medical practice these days entails much more than just caring for your patients’ physical or mental needs. Now it involves navigating the complex worlds of insurance regulations and government policies. Rising insurance rates and deductibles, declining reimbursement rates, and ever-changing healthcare laws make medical practice accounting more complicated than ever.

The experts at Bodine Perry are experienced at developing plans for your medical practice not only to survive, but also to thrive. Schedule a consultation with us to streamline your practice’s costs and ensure you are getting the highest reimbursements.

Bodine Perry brings a special set of benefits to franchise owners with its extensive experience in this area. Specializing in accounting, taxation and consulting for fast food franchisees including McDonald’s, Bodine Perry Robinson, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bodine Perry, is a proud member of the National Franchise Consultants + Accountants (NFCA). The NFCA alliance is a group of nine independent accounting and consulting firms nationwide. The alliance’s mission is to strengthen the McDonald’s system by providing valuable advice and service to McDonald’s Owner Operators so they can maximize profits and consistently remain eligible for growth and rewrite.
Independent restaurant owners wear many hats; host, executive chef, and chief promoter are just a few. But perhaps the most important one is financial manager. Rising labor and benefits, foods costs and tight margins make accurate and timely accounting for food inventory and ordering, vendor deliveries and invoicing, staffing and payroll, bank deposits and credit card processing a must. Bodine Perry develops efficient accounting systems that smoothly tracks invoicing, accounts payable, labor costs, food, wine and liquor costs, credit card processing and cash reconciliations.  We also provide various consultation services including identifying profitable and non-profitable menu items.  Utilizing Bodine Perry for these functions gives you time to focus on what makes you money; running your restaurant.

Inventory management is an important aspect of every retail business but it doesn’t stop there. Retail accounting demands that overhead costs, labor, expenses, advertising, and more be carefully tracked and managed in order to reach the business’ goals. Talk to Bodine Perry about easy systems you can put in place to manage every dollar flowing in and out of your retail establishment. As a full service financial firm, Bodine Perry not only handles your retail accounting needs, but also advises your company on fraud detection and prevention, business expansion, and much more.

Accurate accounting in the manufacturing industry is both complex and crucial. Inventory valuation plays a major role since a manufacturing business must use a certain amount of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods as part of its production processes, and any ending balances must be properly valued for recognition on the company balance sheet. In addition, cost of goods sold recognition is an important measure in the profitability of each product manufactured, and factors such as waste have a major impact. Bodine Perry not only performs accurate accounting for manufacturers, but also advises the firms on ways to improve their bottom line through methods like inventory reduction, off-site inventory practices, supplier drop-shipping and more.

Not-for-profit organizations have special accounting needs since the entity has no owners or shareholders’ equity. Specific financial statements are required by the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) including the Statement of Financial Position (in lieu of a Balance Sheet) and a Statement of Activities (in lieu of an Income Statement). Accurate not-for-profit organization reporting can be tricky to those from the for-profit world. Bodine Perry has a team devoted to nonprofit accounting with the knowledge and experience necessary to handle these organizations’ requirements with ease.

At Bodine Perry, we’re always looking for new talent to add to our team. Click here for Employment Opportunities.