minimalist studio with finances on screen computer and copyspace. 3d illustration. all screen graphics are made up.For many small business owners, financial reporting and managing their books is a task they would rather delegate. It takes them countless hours each week, hours they could have been productively growing their business. To avoid the frustration that often goes along with financial reporting, small business owners can invest in QuickBooks accounting software. While most small business owners think that they cannot afford the expense, it is an investment that will help make your business run smoothly and efficiently. Still not convinced? Below are the top reasons why you may want to consider QuickBooks.


Unlike many other accounting programs on the market, QuickBooks is usually composed of a variety of integrated subsystems. These subsystems include, but are not limited to:

• Payroll

• Inventory

• General ledger

• Accounts payable

The subsystems are in place to access and carry data across the various accounting “cycles.” This means that it reduces the data entry work and also the paperwork involved in these tasks. This also helps to maintain the integrity of your data, and makes reconciliation at the end of the period much easier.


No two businesses are alike; they all have different needs. If you are looking for accounting software, be sure that it is flexible, so it can meet your individual business needs. QuickBooks offers flexibility with features, such as drag and drop for moving accounts, group and merge accounts and preparation of financial reports that can be used for tax or banking purposes. You can also filter reports to show specific data.

Stability & Reliability

Millions of small businesses all over the world use QuickBooks, making it the most widely used accounting software across the globe. You can therefore have peace of mind, knowing that it is stable, reliable and a proven product. QuickBooks’ extensive user base is a telltale sign that many small business owners trust this program to handle their business’ everyday needs.

Easy Operation

It’s a common misconception that in order to use QuickBooks, one needs to have an extensive accounting background; however, some basic knowledge could come in handy. The software has user friendly input screens that resemble actual documents, which makes the entire process intuitive. If you are a first-time user, there is also a helpful tutorial that will guide you through the whole process.

Variety of Choices

QuickBooks has many different versions that range from very complex to simple programs. If you are a relatively small business, you can opt out of purchasing some of the more robust features, while businesses that require a more complex software can choose the premium version that focuses on their industry specific needs. QuickBooks provides practical solutions for small businesses for organization, maintaining records and more. If it is well implemented and maintained, it can be a valuable tool for your small business. It’s important to ensure that your QuickBooks software is set up properly for your business, and hiring a professional accountant may be a good idea in doing this to ensure that everything is working the right way. Contact the experts at Bodine Perry at (855) 851-8318 or visit and let the pros take the hassle out of your small business QuickBooks set-up.

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