Businesswoman holding piggy bank. Isolated on white backgroundMany people dream of retirement…relaxing on the beach, traveling overseas or even picking up a new hobby. However, not many people get to live out their retirement years like they had planned. For young people, retirement planning is tricky, because plenty of factors can affect planning, such as the amount of debt you owe or your salary. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all in retirement planning. Without proper guidance or initiative, many people do not learn about the fundamental retirement planning steps until it’s too late. Below are a few of the mistakes you should avoid.

Starting to Save Too Late

It is guaranteed that doing nothing will not provide financial security later in life when you most need it. Plenty of young people believe that they have a lot of time for retirement planning after they buy a home, put their kids through college and other major milestones in life. However, after you are done with all your responsibilities, chances are you’re getting older and at this point, you have lost too much time and your retirement savings has been handicapped. When saving for retirement, your most valuable asset is time. The more time you have until retirement, the easier it is to save enough and be able to retire comfortably.

Not Taking Advantage of Retirement Planning Tools Available

Different accounts such as the IRAs and the 401(k)s are vital sources of income for retirees. Many employers provide their employees with these accounts, so they are able to invest in their future. Employees of all ages can establish these accounts and start contributing regularly. The best part about your contribution is that it is done before tax. However, most employees especially young adults do not want to take part. Remember it is for your own good and you should take initiative and complete the paperwork. For workers who already have a 401(k), if they switch jobs, they tend to spend the money rather than rolling it over. This is also something to avoid if you wish to retire with ease.

Not Seeking Help from Professionals

Maintaining financial wellness before retirement can be tricky. In order to accomplish this, you will need to:

• Grow your wealth
• Distribute it accordingly
• Strategize on how to utilize and expand your savings at the same time
Strategizing for retirement can be difficult and confusing. Making a mistake can lead to a complete catastrophe. This is the main reason why you should work with a professional. They will help you map out your individual goals and come up with strategies on how to achieve them.

The main mistake most young people make when planning for retirement is not having a plan. It is important to understand the fundamental financial goal for retirement planning, which is independence in your retired years. Don’t wait until it’s too late. It’s never too early to start planning. For help with your retirement planning, contact the experts at Bodine Perry at (855) 851-8318 or visit


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