Business End of Year Checklist

The end of the financial year is among the busiest times for business owners, as completing bookkeeping, tax returns and planning of the next financial year needs to occur. Now’s the time to make some last-minute adjustments to reduce your tax bill and also to ensure... read more

How to Budget for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and for many it is the season of spending. It’s no secret that the holiday season can get pretty expensive with all the holiday events, dinners, gifts and many other expenses that come at this time of the year. With that in... read more

Top Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Many people dream of retirement…relaxing on the beach, traveling overseas or even picking up a new hobby. However, not many people get to live out their retirement years like they had planned. For young people, retirement planning is tricky, because plenty of factors... read more

Bodine Perry Relocates to New Naples Office

Naples, Florida, October 2nd, 2017—Accounting firm, Bodine Perry announces today that the Naples team has relocated to a new building. The firm has offices in Canfield, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, Warren, Ohio and Naples, Florida, and officially took occupancy of the new... read more

The Difference Between Bookkeepers and Accountants

There is a common misconception that bookkeeping and accounting are one and the same. While they might share similar goals and support the business in different stages of the financial cycle, they are quite different. Sometimes their tasks might overlap, but there are... read more

Top 5 Tax Tips for Millennials

Tax time for everyone can be challenging, and since we’ve now passed mid-year and are entering into the end of the year, it’s time to start thinking about getting organized for tax season. For millennials, this can be especially challenging. Many millennials are new... read more

College Financial Planning: The Mistakes to Avoid

It’s just about that time of the year. A time when parents say good-bye to their children and send them off to the world of college. Sending your kids to college is a proud milestone and a big part of the American dream. However, many parents make huge mistakes... read more

How to Protect My Small Business from Fraud

There are many different ways that small businesses lose money, but fraud is by far the most common. Fraud refers to the act of concealment of the truth or omission of material facts, causing one to act to his own detriment. Small businesses are more vulnerable to... read more